After a huge PPV, this weeks’ Dynamite opened how I always like it: a match. Not only a match, but a really good, inspired match up.

This weeks opener was Jon Moxley vs Komander. Moxley has a International title shot coming his way, and he’s staying limber going into it, facing a man who is deeply tied to Rey Fenix, the man Moxley took out. Moxley started strong, but Komander’s athleticism showed out, and was the basis for most of his offense throughout the match. 

Komander hit him with many high flying moves, but Moxley got his knees up for a big 450, enabling Mox to hit a major piledriver. Komander got a surprising kick out, but Moxley didn’t let up, and, after many hammer & anvil strikes, locked in a rear naked choke for the submission victory.

We then saw footage of a verbal altercation that took place at All In. No, its not the one you’re thinking of! The Bang Bang Gang decided to antagonize both FTR & the Young Bucks, who were still angry after their tag title loss. The match is set for All Out: Bang Bang Gang vs FTR & Young Bucks. I don’t personally care greatly for the match, but, if it leads to a development for the Bucks, possibly a heel turn, I’m down.

Renee attempted to interview Toni Storm after her loss at All In, but it was clear she’s still distraught over the entire event. So distraught, in fact, that she threw her shoes at Renee. I’ve loved Toni’s new gimmick, and I hope she gets a long run with it, now that the Outcasts seem to be on their way out.

Chris Jericho came out to talk to the people. He may be proud of having been a part of the biggest event in pro wrestling history, but he can’t get over the fact that he lost. He was also angry with himself for how he treated Sammy, and wanted him to come out there.

Sammy arrived, and what started as an apology devolved into barbs launched by both against eachother, born out of frustration. In the end, though, they knew they still wanted to make things work, and agreed to team again, bring back Le Sex Gods and go after the tag titles. I suspect, in the end, they’ll likely split, but I can’t yet tell who’ll turn on who.

Up next, we got the first Eddie Kingston singles match on US soil in a while, in the form of a NJPW Strong Openweight Championship defense, against Wheeler Yuta! The match was a hard hitting affair, with many a vicious strike and suplex, but, in the end, 2 spinning back fists ended it.

Claudio soon made himself known, helping Yuta to the back, but never once looking at Eddie. That world title match, when it happens once again, will be amazing. Until then, we’ll be enjoying the super tag match at All Out, including Yuta and Shibata!

We got more footage from London, this time a tired Better Than You Bay Bay speaking backstage after their epic match. MJF made clear how tired he was, but he also made clear what would lead to his next matches. On the upcoming Rampage, there’d be a battle royale to decide who BTYBB would defend their ROH World Tag Titles against, and, starting next week, a tourney would take place for who would face him for the world title at AEW: Grand Slam. I’m excited who we’ll see in the tournament.

Renee tried to interview Sammy, but was interrupted by Don Callis. It’s clear he wants to weasel his way into his life as well, but Guevara isn’t taking any of it, and tells him to get lost.

Adam Cole is in the ring, and speaks on how, while he’s sad he couldn’t capture the world title, he is still proud of himself and Max, and knows another shot will come down the line. He was interrupted by Roderick Strong and The Kingdom, who, through each of them speaking, try to manipulate Adam into feeling as though he’s done something to wrong them. Strong then makes clear he’ll enter the tourney for the world title shot, and plans to do what Adam couldn’t. Cole worries that his neck can’t hold up, but Roddy tells him that he doesn’t care, so there’s no need to fake it now. While I hope the tourney is stacked, I also would love to see Roddy vs MJF. Time will tell if that’s the outcome we’re getting, but, no matter what, I’m excited. 

The women’s trios match was good, albeit not amazingly eye catching. Of note was Emi Sakura, wrestling on Dynamite for the first time in years, which made me happy. The faces won after Statlander got the pin, but Britt had accidentally superkicked the now former champ Shida, and the trust seemed to be majorly eroded. Shane Taylor vs Samoa Joe was announced for All Out, for the ROH TV Championship. I’ve seen some people dislike the involvement of ROH on AEW TV, and especially this PPV, but I’ve always been a supporter of involving it in AEW. The championships provide opportunities to more wrestlers, allow for more stories with stakes, and can float between AEW and ROH. I am happy with how they’ve been used as of late.

The Acclaimed took to the ring, celebrating their trios title wins. They were very magnanimous about it all, except that they felt the belts didn’t suit them. Instead, after they did the ceremonial ribbon cutting, they revealed new pink backed belts, cut in a way that allows the belts… to scissor. Very fun segment, all parts of it.

Finally, we had the main event, an epic clash between the vicious challenger Penta El Zero Miedo and the embattled (and downright tired) champion, Orange Cassidy. The match started with many a counter, as OC matches often do, but momentum shifted when Penta press slammed Orange after catching his tope suicida. Throughout this match, the wear and tear Orange has been suffering was the story, as the Orange Punch and Beach Break have both been severely weakened. In the end, what Orange has left is pure perseverance, and it showed with all the major moves he kicked out of. 

The final kick out was so stunning to Penta that he reacted for too long, giving Cassidy the opening to roll him up for the 3, and retain. Great match, and Orange cut a great promo after, emphasizing that he wasn’t gonna stop holding that title until he wanted to. His name is Orange Cassidy, and he doesn’t have a catch phrase, but he sure has an opponent for All Out, as Moxley confronted him.

This weeks Dynamite was great, and really felt built how I prefer it, even if a lot of the matches were last second due to travel and other issues. It did the job of getting me excited for All Out, and I can only hope it delivers.

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